ActiveCampaign Integration

ActiveCampaign’s Preference Page: Seamless Integration with Emailpref

Written by
Shaun Pereira
December 7, 2023
Integration Setup

The journey begins with setting up an integration between Emailpref and ActiveCampaign. This integration ensures your email marketing tool and your preference page work in harmony. The setup process is straightforward; you’ll need your ActiveCampaign API key and URL, which can be obtained from your ActiveCampaign account settings.

List Integration

Once the integration is in place, Emailpref simplifies the process further. It automatically fetches your lists from ActiveCampaign and displays them in the ‘Lists’ tab. This automated synchronization ensures that managing your lists within Emailpref is quick and easy.

No more manual list imports or exports — Emailpref handles it all seamlessly.

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Default Actions for List Management

Emailpref creates default actions tailored to your lists. These default actions guarantee that any changes made on your preference page are instantly reflected in ActiveCampaign in real time. This real-time synchronization ensures that your subscriber's preferences are up to date.

With Emailpref, you have the power to create various actions, tailored to your unique needs. These actions include adding tags and placing contacts into specific automation when they subscribe to a list, or when they opt-out. Here’s a deeper look at the possibilities:

Tag a Contact Action
  1. Name Your Action: Start by giving your action a name that’s easy to remember and understand. This name will be your go-to reference for managing your actions.
  2. Select Your Emailpref List and External Tag: In Emailpref, choose the list to which the action applies. From there, you can pick the external tag in ActiveCampaign that corresponds to your Emailpref list.
  3. Define User Interaction Outcomes: This step is where you get to specify exactly what should happen when a user subscribes to a particular list, and conversely, what action to take when they decide to unsubscribe. This is where you can truly customize your user’s journey.
Contact Automation Action
  1. Name Your Action: Just like with the Tag a Contact Action, you’ll want to name your Contact Automation action for quick and easy reference.
  2. Choose Your Emailpref List and External Automation: Select the Emailpref list and corresponding external automation in ActiveCampaign. This ensures your Contact Automation action functions seamlessly with your ActiveCampaign setup.
  3. Define User Interaction Outcomes: Here’s where the magic happens. You have control over a variety of options. For each Custom Action, specify what should occur when a user subscribes to a specific list and what should happen when a user unsubscribes. Your choices include adding a user to a particular automation upon subscription, removing them from an automation to stop ongoing communication, or even taking no action at all.
Customized Preference Page

With integration and list management streamlined, it’s time to get creative and design your personalized preference page. Emailpref’s user-friendly interface allows you to build a page that resonates with your brand’s identity. While it provides two default lists, Sales and Newsletter, you have the freedom to edit, add, or delete lists based on your preferences. Using a simple dropdown feature, you can effortlessly select which lists to display on your preference page.

Create your Customised Preference Page

Copy, Paste, and Connect

With your customized preference page ready, Emailpref offers you two straightforward methods for implementing it within your ActiveCampaign campaigns:

Option 1: Include a Hypertext Link

Easily include a link to your preference page within your ActiveCampaign email. To do this, copy the page link and paste it as a hypertext, like “Manage your preferences” or any preferred text. To ensure seamless navigation, remember to hyperlink the text to the page, like this:

Don’t forget to add the email personalization tag to ensure the page is tailored to each user (?email=%EMAIL%)

Choose a unique name for your domain during preference page creation, often your company name.

This allows you to direct your subscribers to their personalized preference page with ease.

Option 2: Redirect from Unsubscribe Links

The second approach involves automatically redirecting users to their preference page when they decide to unsubscribe. You can achieve this by modifying the redirection settings for each list within your ActiveCampaign account. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Campaigns’ tab.
  2. Access ‘Archives.’
  3. Select the list you wish to customize.
  4. Click on ‘Unsubscribes’ and choose “Redirect to URL instead.”
  5. Paste the URL of your preference page.
  6. Don’t forget to add the email personalization tag, like this:
  7. Click ‘Save’ to implement the changes.
Don’t forget to add the email personalization tag to ensure the page is tailored to each user (?email=%EMAIL%)

By using one of these methods, you can effectively incorporate your customized preference page into your ActiveCampaign campaigns, providing your subscribers with a seamless way to manage their preferences and enjoy personalized content.

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