The Effortless Way to Create a Preference Page for your Marketing Emails

Give your customers the power to choose what they want to receive with our all-in-one preference page.

100,000+ users manage their preferences with Emailpref
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Save preferences, allowing users for a seamless switch between email lists

Guide unsubscribed visitors to discover more. Transform an exit into an opportunity – if they opt out of "Marketing," present your enticing "Special offer" or "Monthly Newsletter" alternative.

Easily sync subscription management between all email platforms

Keeping track of subscriptions when using multiple email platforms can be stressful. With easy integrations you can keep subscriptions synced at all times among the tools your team uses.

A seamless way to create an unsubscribe link for cold emails

Every cold email, even if sent directly through your email client or CRM needs to provide a way for the recipient to opt-out. Emailpref gives you a single link that you can use both in your email signature and in the most complex email platforms.

Customize your email preference pages to match your branding

We make it easy to create simple yet beautiful preference pages. With easy customization options, you can build a preference page to match your brand personality in only a few clicks.

Elevate your email game with Emailpref today!

Enable your customers to choose what they really want to see with our all-in-one preference page.